Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun having the girlfriend????

Did u guys having a girlfriend????how the feeling having a girlfriend during study time????don u all feel that during the study having a girlfriend very waste money and no time study.
aiya...when don have a girlfriend feel lonely...those guys who still single will think so...
what u guys girl character who u all???for me she have a long hair,look okok can u all also don so like chooseing the girl character...


Do u got future???all people got future....but i had no idea with my future......i don't when i finish diploma what job i going to find and which way i should take to continues my a part of future.many people think that the age like me 21 should have a own future and the way to keep it on,but i don have i also don't why....for me maybe after graduate come out find the job as a part time 1st or what??
maybe i should continues study????haiz....old already la...

Don trust the fast way to earn money

haha...sure u all want earn money fast????easy only just go rob the money from try to do so....we must earn money in the right way...those money we earn by ourself we wil feel it very meaning for us to spend it.The important is we don be lazy ok already when u a lazy guy how u wait also the money won't fall down on the road for u to spend it.some of then try join the "fast earn money program",those just will make us fall down and if we get scam but those untrust people u just face with the demon road ...

what spot do u all like???

i like playig basketball from primary school...because those spot make me feel fun and enjoy with it when our friend also playing together..every weekend we will date together on the basketball near our house...this can also make our friend relationship more fine...meanwhile i also like to play volleyball with those guy...haha atcually we like playing volleyball because many girl play it..
don think us very bad ,we just want make friend with those girls only haha.... @@

planing earn money when sem break

During this sem break i going to find a money to support my study.Finding the job where as a promoter can earn more money and got more time to do the others thing.some of them feel strange why i din take the short sem to finish my study fast then just come out find the money.during this holiday ,i also planing to diet...haha sound very funny,because i try before it always fail when we face with the delicious food...those who want diet can stand if their friend keep bother them during the diet period...i also dono why those friend like to bother these a friend they should support them keep it on diet...

what a hot day....

sunny day....usually people like the sunny day like this,but for me it was a worse day,because it very hot and i really don like hot beacause it going make me wet and smelly thats why for me raining day is the good for me

bored weekend when in kuantan

playing laptop,eat and sleep is me usually doing it at weekend if i at kuantan and not going out with my friend.sure some of u think why don just me going have a spot activity or doing a revision cos the final exam also going arrive.maybe i a damn lazy guy who like to waste my time like that???
haha....sometime i also cannot understand why i damn lazy doing someting that i think want to do ,but atcaully i not going to do u all think me just like a lazy guy??????